A visible island of online serenity

Sitting in front of your computer. Just like you have for many years. You are in your most comfortable position, because you have had a long time to refine your work process. 

You could be on your bed, or in the kitchen, or on the floor in the living room. You could be wearing pajamas, athletic wear, a swimsuit. No one will know and it doesn’t matter. 

Then came the stay-at-home orders. Suddenly sitting in front of your computer changed a LOT. 

After a month or two of slouching around at home, not paying much attention to how you looked or what you wore, things quickly changed. 

Now it has become important that you look presentable in front of your computer. 

Video conferencing has replaced the conference room. The gallery view has replaced the conference table. Screen sharing has replaced the whiteboard. And no more big conference phones in the middle of the big table. 

Now backgrounds! If you have been on any zoom meetings in the last few months you have probably seen a whole range of backgrounds. 

Whether tidy or messy, these informal backgrounds can all be distracting. People are naturally curious about one another. Any dresser, pillow or bookcase offers a signal, a clue, about who you are conferencing with. If you are online with a group of friends you probably already know the layout of their homes, the ages of their children and the names of their pets. Cats especially are attracted to videoconferencing! If you are online with people at work you can’t help but want to explore the background of their home behind them.

The Switchfab solution is a way to create a visible island of online serenity in the sea of your new at-home life. 

As more and more companies traverse the learning curve of videoconferencing as the new normal, more and more people are seeking a solution to the challenges of older home computers that lack the horsepower to seamlessly provide the virtual backgrounds. People want to be able to step away from their daily chores, and slip into a ready-to-go workspace that does not require putting away the laundry or moving a stack of books before they can go online with other people. 

Switchfab can help. Our product, a matte fabric-like material with a “post it note” type of adhesive background, comes in 3 standard sizes with 21 images. It’s ready to install on the wall behind your chair, or on a movable foam board, so that all you have to do is prop it up or attach it behind you and you are ready to go. Try our Switchfab background for a professional online appearance that takes at least one small source of stress and changes it to a source of calm confidence.