Printed Zoom Backgrounds

For productive online communication. First impressions count!  We offer large distinctive backgrounds for video conferencing that can be easily placed on the wall behind you. Elegant soft-glow and textured images that keep the focus on the individual. No distractions. No need for a powerful CPU. No video falsehoods. Present the authentic you. We're a one stop resource for the creative tools you'll need. Fully customizable. We're here to help.

Do a Test to Determine Proper Size

Place your laptop/desktop on a surface with a wall behind you. Open your application, and place Post-it notes on the wall behind you that define the vertical edge of the camera view. Then add an additional 3 inches to each side. Measure the width between the Post-it notes: This is the minimal width you will need.
What we have discovered is that if a Zoom meeting is being recorded, the playback view is wider than the realtime view. Another way to see the different is go to: Zoom/preferences/video.
Adding the 3 inches on both sides will assure that your background will fill the frame on palyback.

Soft-Glow Backgrounds

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Many Custom Possibilities...

Texture Backgrounds

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Remote Work Takes All Forms

Switchfab customers have been pretty inventive. Some have simply pinned the background up while leaving the back sheet on. Others have pinned them to a piece of insulation board so it can be moved around. The gray version shown is lit with an RGB light providing a colorful range of options.

Meetings could be a beautiful thing

We include a giant sheet of instructions that will help you solve any situation.

What you see is not what you get.It's best to test and observe.

Instructions? You've Got 'Em...

Lighting Recommendations

Customer Reviews

Now that everyone is working virtually, and will likely be doing so for an extended period, your online image matters; a nice shirt, good lighting and a good looking background are essential. The Switchfab backgrounds look great and are much better than the wonky virtual backgrounds.”


Thanks very much for the video conferencing background.  It worked great when I was on one of the video conference services that don’t allow for a virtual background!  It looked good, installed pretty easily on the blank wall behind my desk, and helped me make a more professional impression.  I am definitely glad I got the big version since the wide angle lens of my video camera captures lots of wall space. 


The Switchfab background with my corporate logo gives me a good clean professional look, with better quality than any green screen could deliver.  I’ve a lot of really positive feedback.  Thanks!”


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